Saturday, January 4, 2020

Download Samuel Taiwo (Mr Grace) – Your Grace [Mp3 + Lyrics] ||@SamuelTaiwo3

Download Samuel Taiwo (Mr Grace) – Your Grace [Mp3 + Lyrics] ||@SamuelTaiwo3

Your Grace is a song borne out of the reflection of my life. I looked back and discovered there's no way I'd here at this point of my life other than by the Grace of God.
So the song is a direct reflection of my whole being!  My life's journey would have been a direct opposite of what it is if not for God's grace.
Samuel Taiwo A.K.A Mr Grace had always loved being part of a choir and eventually as a teenager, he joined his home choir (Our Saviour's Anglican Church choir Egbe Lagos) in the late 80s!
He joined the RCCG in 2010 and immediately joined the choir. He had since then been helped by God to be an impact even as he is still going stronger in the ministry.
He had composed many songs that's been used as Choir ministrations in his church services.
YOUR GRACE is his first attempt at an audio recording after persuasions by friends and families for many years for him to launch out!
Solo 1.
I am not in doubt, that you brought me out.
And Lord it's so clear, that you bailed me out.
From the miry clay and the failing grounds you made me alright.
How can I deny,how can I forget your wonderful grace..
(Pre chorus)
Resp: To me
Call: When I fall
Resp: you lift
Call: Even in the dark
Resp: you lead
Call:When I'm down and out
Resp: relief
Call: all the times in doubt
Resp: your grace.
Call: Your grace just dey make me wonder
Resp: Lord it's your grace
Call: I could not have made it this far
Resp: Lord it's your grace.
Call: It must be only you father
Resp: Lord it's your grace
Call: I've searched around and found no other
Resp: Lord it's your grace.
Solo 2:
How did I get here, when no hands came by?
I am so amazed at the grace I have.
When the times were hard and the road so tough you gave me a smile.
How can I deny, how can I forget your wonderful grace..
(go to Prechorus and chorus above).
So I'm here to testify
Lord your grace, I can't deny
Grace like rain, grace like a river
Is what you gave and now I say..
(Go to chorus...etc) ​

​Connect With Him On 
Facebook: Samuel Taiwo (Mr Grace)
Twitter: @SamuelTaiwo3
Phone no: 07032833925.

Monday, December 2, 2019

Joy Oladipo – Asiko Mi [Free Mp3 + Lyrics]

Joy Oladipo – Asiko Mi [Free Mp3 + Lyrics]

A song inspired by the holy Ghost ,the potter who supernaturally fixes up every broken pieces of my Life!
Asikomi Tito is a song that would fill every empty space in your life… the creative force of power! unfathomable, unquestionable, unsearchable, irreversible…will miraculously touch your life Download, Listen and Share with colleagues.
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Download Micheal Akingbala  “Misimi mp3

Download Micheal Akingbala “Misimi mp3

Download Micheal Akingbala  “Misimi mp3

Gospel music minister and One Hallelujah Records’ signed  minister with a unique genre of music (gospel rock), Micheal Akingbala has come up with another spirit filled and soul lifting song titled, MISIMI (Breathe on me) produced by @kenzeal 

MISIMI is a song that deeply reveals the immense presence  of God in the life of a believer, a  regular face on the Redeemed Christian Church Of God platforms both on camp ground and in the local parishes of Rccg Michael Akingbala divinely blessed with a powerful rocky voice filled with anointing which makes him distinct from every other worship leader.

MISIMI is a new tune inspired by Holy Ghost and one of Michael Akingbala’s Superior in ministry A.P Bola Thani the writer of the chorus.
Micheal Akingbala  is bringing a new dimension  to rock music in the gospel space. Download,  Listen  and hunger for more of God.
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Tuesday, November 26, 2019

 Afolashe Adebote - Anu [Free Mp3 Download + Lyrics]

Afolashe Adebote - Anu [Free Mp3 Download + Lyrics]

Download Afolashe Adebote - Anu Mp3

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Afolasade Adebote, a gospel singer and composer express her gratitude to God, for the marvelous things  he has done for her, she's Thanking God for the salvation of her soul,  God's grace found her and  she was privilege to use the great gift(her voice) that God  has given her to raise alter of praise to the maker of  heaven and earth.

Lyrics of Anu

se b'anu ni mo ri gba
Lodo re ooo Baba
Anu re ninu aiye wa ooo
Iyen ok la f'iwe rara
Nothing to quantify
Your mercies in our lives
We've come to thank you Lord
E se oo Baba
1. Se b'anu yen gangan lari gba
So un la fi n yan fa nda
Olorun e se ooo
You've been so merciful
We've come to thank you Lord
E se ooo Baba
2. Anu re se iyebiye oooo
Lori wa, lori ebi wa
Ninu ilera wa gangan
Anu ni a ri gba
Nigbogbo adawole ooo
Nigbogbo ona gbogbo
Is nothing to quantify
Your mercies in our lives
3. Ki ma s'awe ti a mo gba
Ki ma se gbigba adura
Is not by our capacity
Not by our ability
Oore ofe sa la wa nlo
Anu gangan ni a ri gba
We've come to thank you Lord
E se ooo Baba.

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Download David Etta King God Is Everywhere [Free Mp3 Download + Lyrics]

Download David Etta King God Is Everywhere [Free Mp3 Download + Lyrics]

Download David Etta King God Is Everywhere  Mp3

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United States Base Award winning, anointed Gospel music minister, recording Artist, songwriter, singer, Author of Over Four Books and trainer, whose music ministry has taken him to several nations and Continents to impact lives Minister David Etta King has released a new sound from heaven title “God Is Everywhere”
This song was birth in prayer from the book of Jeremiah 23:23–24 “Am I a God at hand, declares the Lord, and not a God afar off? Can a man hide himself in secret places so that I cannot see him? declares the Lord. Do I not fill heaven and earth? declares the Lord”
When we say God is ubiquitous, we are saying that the fullness of His presence is located everywhere. It is not as if the Lord’s “head” is located on earth and His “foot” elsewhere in the universe. Instead, the fullness of His being is equal at all times and in all places. This immensity does not refer in any sense to physical size. In part, it signifies that His love, wrath, mercy, justice, knowledge, and so on, are fully present everywhere in creation and beyond.

Even though the Lord is fully present everywhere, this does not mean we always feel His presence equally. He is free to make us feel His proximity more strongly at certain times and in particular places (for example, Ex. 3:1–4:17). Yet, though we may not feel Him strongly at all times, we know that He is always present with us nonetheless (Ps. 23).
Minister David Etta King is the CEO of David Etta Ministries of which the Fragrance of worshipm is an arm. With a di aimed at making kingdom worship Global. He is also called to train and equip music ministers for effectiveness in Ministry. He has released Two albums To his credit
1. Voice of change  2. Worthy Lamb. has released Three singles , Winner for life  ,No one ,You.
God is Everywhere Lyrics by David Etta
]I asked my self
Where can I go from your presence?
In the water?
On the Land?
Above the sky?
God is Everywhere
 God is Everywhere
God is Everywhere
 God is Everywhere
In the water, you are there
On the land, you are there
Above the sky, you are there
You live in Me (2x)
O, O, O
O, O, O, O
O, O (2X)
In the water, you are there
On the land, you are there
Above the sky, you are there
You live in Me (2x)
The earth is the Lords
And the fullness thereof
No matter what you’re going through
  My God is there
In God and the bad times
   My God is there
When you’re poor or lonely
    My God is there
You are there
You are there for me
You are there

Monday, October 14, 2019

Free Mp3 Download:  Blessings Ng – Ogini || @Blessingsng1

Free Mp3 Download: Blessings Ng – Ogini || @Blessingsng1

Prominent and notable Gospel music minister Blessings Ng Drops a spirit-filled and soul-lifting song titled Ogini
The song Ogini talks about serving God with all our hearts, even if we use sand, cement, woods or other building materials to build house for our God, it is not enough for him, we can only use our hearts to build for him, cos the Bible says that your body is a temple of God “Ogini” is a very powerful song that springs out from a responsive heart that is impacted by Grace (Unmerited favor), it’s all about Christ and his finished works on the cross

Blessing Ngozi , known as Blessings Ng, is a Nigerian gospel singer, songwriter, worship leader and recording artist.
Blessings believes in writing from her heart and knowing what the Spirit of God is saying to the Church. Mostly inspired by the ministry of the Word by her Pastor, and also Her covenant Brother GodsTime Promise
Blessings is greatly motivated with the desire to see her songs, writings and concerts inspire the church and the whole world to worship God and be lifted, healed and for her listeners to be filled with the Glory of God through her music.

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Download Melody Emmanson – Hope Arising

Download Melody Emmanson – Hope Arising

Melody Emmanson is a contemporary Gospel Music Minister and preacher of the Word. She is a Song Writer Recording and Performing Atiste for over 30 years. Some of her Recorded Songs include “GOD IS BIGGER THAN ANY MOUNTAIN” “I KNOW WHOM I BELIEVE” “WHO IS ON THE LORD SIDE” “AFRICAN PRAISE and “THE LIGHT.” to mention a few Melody is widely travelled . As a Music Minister , Preacher, Conference Speaker and Coporate Trainer.

This New Album tittled ” ” HOPE ARISING ” Is Exeptional Great Gift to this generation..Captured in Life Recording All Songs and Music written by Melody Emmanson . Project been supervised and coordinated by EBEN and Team
Melody is an Internationally Trained/ Certified Health Coach And Consultant. A Holitic Health Expert. Authur of “TOTAL WELLNESS IS POSSIBLE ”
She is the CEO of Integrative Nutrition Centre Limited Lekki Lagos and Enagic Water Machine Nigeria Limited.
Rev Melody is a Women Leader .The Visioner/ President of Women Alive Fellowship Int’l.She is the Lagos Island Zone Coordinator for The Feast of Esther- The Vision of Pastor Mrs Folu Adeboye (RCCG General Overseers Wife) Melody is the wife of Rev Joel Emmanson G.O /President of Praiseway For All Nations Ministry ,Lagos Nigeria.Their home is blessed with four Children