Sunday, July 15, 2018

Seven [7] Foods That Are Guaranteed To Give You A Flat Tummy

You don’t have to stress yourself too much with exercise before you get the flat tummy you desire. All you need to do is know the right type of foods that can help you maintain a slimmer waistline.
Asparagus can make your urine smell, but it is something you can overlook since it has great health benefits. High levels of the amino acid asparagine make asparagus a natural diuretic. A cup of asparagus contains three grams of fiber, so it’ll keep you full in between meals.
Dark chocolate
Check the label before you buy chocolate bars; as some could be healthier than you think. Dark chocolate that contains more than 60 percent cocoa has high antioxidant properties.
It can decrease inflammation and curb your sweet cravings. A University of California, San Diego study also found that people who ate chocolate on a regular basis had a lower body mass index than people who indulged less frequently.

Oats and nuts
One sure way to lose your belly fat is to increase the amount of soluble fiber you consume. Foods that are rich in soluble fiber include oats, nuts, beans, and berries.
You should aim to have between 25-35 grams per day, especially if you’re diabetic. Soluble fiber does a much better job controlling your blood sugar than carbohydrates as the former can make your blood sugar spike then drop.
Bananas have loads of carbohydrates but they are still a good source of nutrients. The potassium in bananas can help flush extra fluids out of your system.
If you’re carrying too much water weight, such as eating a lot of salty foods the night before, high-potassium foods can help you get rid of that water weight.
Watermelon is also high in potassium and can help you significantly cut down on water weight. A study from the University of Kentucky also found that drinking watermelon juice can decrease body fat and even reduce cholesterol.
Probiotic foods contain “good” bacteria that can regulate digestion. Researchers from the University of Manitoba in Canada led a study that fed one daily serving of yogurt to overweight volunteers. Half of the participants ate yogurt spiked with one of two bacteria.
In a month and a half, those who had probiotic yogurt lost 3 or 4 percent of their body fat, depending on which bacteria they were given.
If you are the type that regularly eats salty or sugary snacks, there is a high chance that you will have extra fat around your waistline. Instead of taking one of the regular snacks you are used to, munch on slices of cucumbers instead.
The high water content and low-calorie count make them a suitable snack, plus their soluble fiber will fill you up and keep you full.
This is one fruit that is often overlooked for more conventional fruits, but they are worth adding to your diet. They contain many proteolytic enzymes that make digestion easier and are good sources of fiber, vitamin A, and vitamin C (they have twice the vitamin C of oranges!).

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