Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Ji Dide [WAKE UP] by Michael Akingbala Ft Emeka Madubata

Nigerian Gospel Music Minister, Worship Leader Michael Akingbala has yet dropped another soul lifting single titled: Ji Dide[Wake up]  featuring Emeka Madubata produced by Kenzeal
This time , Micheal has come with another infusion of Hi-life.
Micheal Akingbala is fast setting his pace as a force in the gospel rock genre
Micheal excellently delivers on this one Download and enjoy

Lyrics  of Michael Akingbala - Ji Dide [WAKE UP] Ft Emeka Madubata

Verse 1
Ji Ji Okan mi Ji
Ji Ji Okan mi ji
Ji ji iwo okan mi ji o
Ji ji iwo okan mi ji
Ji o ji o
Ji o jio jio
Ji ma s'asun pin ye
Ji ko lo mu ayan mo se
Ji kuro ninu orun ese re
Ji k'ognohun ti eleda m ba e so
Ji ji okan mi ji
Verser 2
Ji Gbogbo Okan t'osun lo
Ji Gbogbo okan i re we si
Ji lo ni Ji lo ni o o o
Ji mu ileri se
Ji ko lo fun iwenumo
Ji dide ji dide loni o o o
Ji ma s'asun pin ye.
Beat/ Hi Life
Ji ji iwo okan mi ji
Ji ji okna mi
Ji ji iwokan mi ji o
Ji ji okan mi ji
Ji o ji o ji o
Ji o o o okan mi ji
Ji o ji o ji o
Ji o mu ayanmo se
Ji ko si se f'oluwa.
Oru mbo o
[T'enikeni ole si se mo..] /3X
O m …

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