Monday, August 3, 2020

Obi Uto by Aida Benjamin


Download Aida Benjamin - Obi Uto

Here comes a brand new single from Aida Benjamin  Titled Obi Uto
There's not a better time than now that the world needs healing right from the soul to have such an amazing single.
This song brings hope and comfort while challenging us all to make the world a better place, especially by remembering the poor amongst us.
Ada's story is a mix of passion, love for God and for humanity. She is one amazing soul you will get to meet through the reverberating sound of her voice. One who's wealth of knowledge and accomplishments in career, politics and business has not diminished her love and passion.
Now she brings it to the world; that beautiful and compelling beckon to join her make the world a better place.
While you enjoy the sweet sound, don't miss this sincere plea...There is still hope!
Aida Benjamin - Obi Uto


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